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[Closed] IFES Event #7 Blast from the Past

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[Closed] IFES Event #7 Blast from the Past Empty [Closed] IFES Event #7 Blast from the Past

Post by Ifflyer31 on Sat Mar 26, 2016 2:46 am

Hello IFES members and guests!

Welcome to week 7 of our weekly events! This week's event is dedicated to our oldest member, Gary! He is proud enough to get a slackbot reaction saying "Old dogs rule!" Laughing !

This week you can pick any retired aircraft livery and or aircraft and fly through the Caribbean region!

Server? Advanced

Location? TNCM

Time? Monday, March 28th @ 4:00PM EST

NOTAM: Fly any retired aircraft/livery

We hope to see you there! Stay awesome IFES!


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