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[Closed] IFES Event #6 Dashing through Denver!

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[Closed] IFES Event #6 Dashing through Denver! Empty [Closed] IFES Event #6 Dashing through Denver!

Post by Ifflyer31 on Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:19 pm

Hello all IFES members and visitors!

This week we have a new and exciting event! Sorry for the delay, but on Sunday, March 19, we will be using the Brand New Dash-8!
Think you can rock landing a Dash? How about at Infinite Flights most difficult airport? Think this is easy? How about an round trip!

Where? Denver! Route is KDEN-KASE-KEGE-KDEN

When? Sunday, March 19th @ 2230Z

Aircraft? Dash-8!

Livery? United Express!

Server? Advanced!

NOTAM? Fly the route and have fun Smile

Thank you for being awesome!


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