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[Closed] IFES Event #4 [Isolated Event]

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[Closed] IFES Event #4 [Isolated Event] Empty [Closed] IFES Event #4 [Isolated Event]

Post by Daniel Shaw on Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:53 pm

Normally David Garden posts our weekly events on the forum; however, he is really busy so I will do it for him this time!

This week's event is a ​PRIVATE​ event! Us, IFES friends doing a formation flight with each other. I feel like us IFES members have really gotten to know each other, and feel like we should spend more time together in IF. We will be doing a FORMATION flight in my new hometown Seattle WA! We will fly a Boeing 737-700 BBJ Infinite Flight Livery. Copy my flight plan. Time: 7 EST. Server Advanced. Any questions? PM me :simple_smile: Hope you enjoy this event.

This will take place on Wednesday.

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