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December's Mass Recruitment Project

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December's Mass Recruitment Project Empty December's Mass Recruitment Project

Post by Trevaun S. on Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:18 am

So we've cooled down on the posts etc. for the month of November. Why?

Because we vigorously trained our current members to take a lead in IFES for December's MASS RECRUITMENT. Now we want the Next Generation of IFES to fall in! Don't be shy now

(Yes! Another opportunity for that one guy that hates us to spam our application forms.. yay..) Here's the link1 for joining us. Just read the Regulations and then fill out the link to the form. Everyone's welcomed to join us. All you need is good flying, social skills and IF Live!

Nothing beats a nice flight with the IFES Squad. You won't regret this, trust me. But why trust me? take it from this satisfied IFES member;

Trevaun Solomon: I confirm this will be the best Virtual Airline you can ever join by far. 10/10.

Oh you're still reading? Read some more.


I'm Trevaun Solomon the CEO of IFES, and I approve of this message.

Trevaun S.
Admin, Developer / CEO
Admin, Developer / CEO

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December's Mass Recruitment Project Empty Re: December's Mass Recruitment Project

Post by Daniel Shaw on Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:21 am

Excellent! Very exciting!

Slack & Community Director

Daniel Shaw
Admin, Developer / Media and Communications Director
Admin, Developer / Media and Communications Director

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